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With over 750+ projects under our belts, we've seen it all. Our expertise across all phases and facets of construction coupled with our skilled leadership allows TMG Architects to provide comprehensive management and dynamic support for any project.

Mixed Use Projects

Mixed Use Buildings are a specialty of TMG. We pride ourselves in our ability to organize each building use in the most productive and aesthetic way possible while at the same time complying to with the surrounding areas communal façade design.

Construction Site

We're in this together.




During design and planning, TMG Architects offers the following support:


  • Cost estimating

  • Validation of proposed construction schedules

  • Permit, Insurance and license confirmation

  • Bid packaging development, evaluation and analysis

  • Bid process administration

  • Constructibility review to assess accuracy and completeness of bid documents

  • Development of project procedures

Program Management and Advisory

Throughout construction, TMG Architects offers the following support to individuals, local business, corporations and municipalities:

  • Planning and critical path analysis

  • Financial management

  • Project standards development

  • Project document control

  • Subcontractor management

  • Change order negotiation with contractors

  • Status Reports (weekly, monthly or quarterly)

  • Reporting for regulatory agencies 

  • Design services assistance

  • MBE/WBE/DBE support and development

  • Permitting support

  • Training and skills transfer

  • Scheduling, including: management procedures, project master, construction, special activity, cost loaded, resource loaded, and percent completion verification 


To wrap your project, TMG Architects offers the following services:

  • Completion procedures

  • Completion contractor management

  • Completion scope of work 

  • Payment evaluating and processing

  • Completion schedules

Default Situations 

Additionally, TMG can step in to minimize financial exposure and arrange project completion of defaulted projects.


Customized support to match with your project's needs

Every project is different. From full service to specific needs––scheduling, cost, quality, safety, scoping, and function––we will work with you to define the right mix of services for your project.

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