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Technicians at Work


Every project is unique, and not every one runs smoothly. With 30+ years of extensive knowledge and experience in construction, TMG is poised to efficiently analyze and effectively identify solutions that minimize losses for any project.

Mixed Use Projects

Mixed Use Buildings are a specialty of TMG. We pride ourselves in our ability to organize each building use in the most productive and aesthetic way possible while at the same time complying to with the surrounding areas communal façade design.


Claims & Litigation Support 


If you’re experiencing a default or dispute that has paused your project, an evaluation is essential. With TMG Architect’s thorough and personal understanding of the phases and complexities involved in execution, we ensure quick resolutions. 

  • Analysis of design and construction defects

  • Analysis of codes and regulations

  • Analysis of change orders

  • Preparation of technical reports

  • Payment Bond Administration

  • Analysis of delay and impact claims

  • Preparations of affirmative claims

  • Expert witness testimony

Surety Services

TMG works closely with the surety’s team and legal counsel throughout the process, leveraging our expertise in multi-party relationships to achieve positive results for our clients. From assessment and investigation through litigation support, TMG’s services offer end to end support.


  • Collection of Contract funds

  • WIP Report Review

  • On-Site Monitoring 

  • Risk Assessment Status

  • Complete Documentation

  • Collection of Contract funds 

  • Inventory/Tool/Equipment Appraisal

  • Establish Completion Cost Budget

  • Bond/Vendor Claim Investigation

  • Contractor Replacement

  • Change Order Review

  • Claim Investigation


Expert Witness

Through education, profession and experience, TMG Architects asserts knowledge within construction and its associated industries qualifying our opinion within your litigation. 


Immediate, comprehensive on-site analysis

​TMG Architects can accommodate single consultant needs or assemble a team of design professionals, engineers, accountants, and/or legal to mitigate damages and provide solutions. 



Green Mountain Bridges, Upstate NY

TMG completed the repair and repainting of 6 trestle bridges and provide analysis and litigation support to bring the project to a close.


TMG is often brought into a project that has encountered construction problems or if a subcontractor fails to perform under contract. We provide the construction expertise to assess the condition of the project and complete the work in accordance with the contract. In most cases, we subsequently provide construction documentation,  financial reviews and analysis in support of litigation.

Construction Worker Lifting Wood Board

We're in this together.

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